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Tech and ICT

The U.S. is the world's largest IT market. American investments in IT products and services have led to a decade-long growth. The U.S. IT sector is under constant, rapid development, with an average growth rate of roughly 5 percent per year. As such, the U.S. is one of the main driving forces behind technological innovation, particularly in locations such as Silicon Valley, California, and Austin, Texas. 
The ever-growing demands for innovative IT solutions, particularly in niche markets, create vast opportunities for Danish IT start-ups and established companies in the United States.

Because of Denmark’s highly developed welfare system, Danish companies have valuable suggestions for solutions within healthcare IT and software solutions within public digitization, which administratively can be cost-effective for U.S. companies or the U.S. Government.

The Tech and ICT team aims to create commercial opportunities for Danish companies in North America. Several Danish companies have already managed to break through and establish themselves in the U.S. with technologies such as green IT, smart cities and specialized software in the Fintech sector.


Tech & ICT
Thomas W. Poulsen
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