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Food and Agriculture

The U.S. market for food and agricultural products is one of the largest in the world with 328 million consumers. Exports of Danish agriculture and food products to the United States are rapidly growing with enzymes, pork, aquaculture and machinery among the largest export categories.
The U.S. food and agriculture market is a well-developed and highly competitive market. Clean and healthy products, traceability of production and food of high quality are some of the trends that U.S. consumers demand. The sale of organic products has exponentially increased during the last 20 years, especially the use of food products labelled Non-GMO, No-antibiotics, Gluten Free and Natural. Furthermore, there is a big demand for enzymes and other ingredients in the U.S. food industry. This poses unique opportunities for Danish companies and organizations within areas such as food and agriculture production. 

The Danish food cluster is well-known worldwide for its strongholds in areas like food quality and safety, organic food production, gastronomy and health. Danish companies are also frontrunners in innovative, sustainable and efficient food and agriculture production. They have the advantage of taking part in the development of innovative technologies that effectively contribute to the green transition of the food and agriculture sector. 

The food and agriculture team works to facilitate commercial opportunities and solutions sharing between Danish companies and their American counterparts.


Food & Agriculture
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