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TMC-Denmark BioBridge

Introducing the global life sciences partnership between Texas Medical Center (TMC) and the Kingdom of Denmark, this initiative aims to advance commercial interests, promote clinical innovation, and facilitate research collaborations and knowledge transfer.

Denmark has positioned itself as a global frontrunner in life sciences and healthcare, and the Danish government has initiated life science strategies aimed at supporting the expansion of Danish companies, both nationally and internationally. In pursuit of these objectives, Denmark recognizes Texas Medical Center (TMC) as a crucial partner due to its ambitious healthcare endeavours and offers significant opportunities for Denmark to facilitate knowledge transfer and foster possibilities in Danish healthcare innovation and research.

Situated in Houston, the Texas Medical Center stands as the world’s largest medical city, boasting the highest number of hospitals, physicians, square footage, and patient volume. With over 60 best-in-class academic and clinical institutions and an annual patient encounter exceeding 10 million, TMC serves as a global healthcare hub.

The TMC | Denmark BioBridge brings together governments, academic and research institutions, and innovation organizations in collaboration to accelerate innovative healthcare initiatives.


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Upcoming Events

Fall, 2024 - South Goes North Delegation

The TMC | Denmark BioBridge and the Consulate General of Denmark in Houston will host a three-day delegation from Houston, TX to Denmark.

Previous events

September, 2023 - South Goes North Delegation

From September 5-7, 2023, the TMC | Denmark BioBridge hosted a delegation in Copenhagen, Denmark, in collaboration with Healthcare Denmark. Centered around the themes of Resource Management and Women's Health, the delegation visited several innovative and prominent Danish healthcare institutions. In addition to these visits, the delegates engaged with various Danish government officials, healthcare professionals, researchers, clinicians, and representatives from life science companies. Notably, the delegation comprised of representatives from multiple organizations affiliated with and within the Texas Medical Center, including TMC Innovation, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston Methodist, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), and others. 

March, 2023 - North Goes South Delegation

The TMC | Denmark BioBridge hosted a three day delegation to TMC in Houston, Texas on March 7-9. The delegation consisted of Danish SMEs, corporate and institutional partners, as well as export ready startups. The program provided insights into US healthcare needs and priorities with visits to leading academic hospitals in TMC, looking at opportunities for Innovation & Commercialization and Research & Education with a special focus on Resource Management (Staffing, Scheduling, Sustainability) and Women’s Health (Medtech, Biotech, Global Health & Access). 

March, 2023 - South by Southwest (SXSW)

The North Goes South delegation was followed by a program at SXSW in Austin where the BioBridge hosted a joint program with DI and Trade Council NYC in House of Creative Denmark.

December, 2022 - US Digital Hospital Procurement Workshop

The Health & Life Science team in Houston and the Digital team in New York from the Trade Council of Denmark in North America (TCNA) hosted a workshop and networking event in Copenhagen, Denmark on Digital Hospital Procurement. Two in-depth studies covering procurement, the US healthcare landscape, and value-based healthcare in Texas were presented. The workshop was facilitated by a Texas-based consultant, Elizabeth Jennings. 

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September, 2022 - South Goes North Delegation

The South Goes North 2022 - The TMC | Denmark BioBridge and the Consulate General of Denmark in Houston hosted a two day delegation from Texas to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The delegation visited Denmark to meet with Danish government officials, health care representatives, researchers, clinicians and a host of innovative life science companies to talk about Patient Engagement & Chronic Care and Innovative Value Based and Green Procurement in Healthcare.

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August, 2022 - Infection Prevention in Healthcare

Executive Summit on Infection Prevention presented by the TMC – Denmark BioBridge. A full day in person infection prevention summit featuring FDA, CDC, TMC and other leading academic institutions. Delegation sponsored by BioBridge partner Ambu.

Infection prevention has not fully evolved since the emergence of COVID-19, however, the importance of infection prevention has increased in visibility. This summit highlighted the existing guidelines related to infection control, and emerging technologies to address gaps. The objective of the summit was to generate joint global awareness at TMC institutions on infection prevention as well as identify opportunities for research collaborations on infection control practice within and outside TMC. 

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June, 2022 - Robotics & Assistive Technology in Healthcare

Robotics & Assistive Technology in Healthcare workshop presented by the TMC – Denmark BioBridge. In person workshop with a focus on technologies developed for front line nurse and care staff, in collaboration with Healthcare Denmark.

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March, 2022 - North Goes South Delegation

The North Goes South 2022 - The TMC | Denmark BioBridge and the Consulate General of Denmark, in Houston hosted a two day delegation from Denmark to TMC in Houston, TX followed by program at South By Southwest (SXSW), in Austin, TX. 

Guests visited TMC Innovation (TMCi), select TMC hospitals, and Texas Innovation partners in Houston from March 8-10, followed by optional participation at SXSW in Austin from March 11-20, featuring partner activities organized by TEXGHS and Danish Industry. The objective of the delegation was to exchange experiences from Danish and Texan hospitals and gain greater insight into the American healthcare system with opportunities for networking and introducing Danish solutions. 

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