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The Trade Council

The Trade Council at the Consulate General of Denmark, in Houston, works to create opportunities for Danish companies and support them in realizing their potential on the U.S. market.

The Consulate General of Denmark, in Houston offers a wide range of commercial services. We assist Danish companies with entering and expanding their business in North America with our extensive knowledge of the American partnerships and by working closely with the local business community.


Houston is the most diverse and one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. The city provides outstanding business opportunities within the Energy & Environment and, Health & life science sectors and is home to the world's largest medical center, Texas Medical Center (TMC). 


Texas faces critical challenges with the rapidly growing population, change in climate, deficient infrastructure, and increasing demand for clean water. As a result, the state requires acquaintance and fast solutions.

Energy Transition

Texas is the world's energy capital with its 900 miles and 56 percent of the total hydrogen pipeline mileage in the U.S., holding captivating opportunities for Danish companies to expand. In addition, Houston is one of the current hotspots for sustainable renewable energy sources, including hydrogen, electrification, CO2-removals, and wind power. The Energy Transition Advisory supports Danish companies expanding to the North American market with the newest market developments, knowledge, and partnerships.


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Health & Life Science

Denmark has emerged as a world leader in life sciences and health care, and recently launched an ambitious growth strategy for life sciences. As part of this goal, Denmark sees Texas as an important partner with a similar ambitious strategic regional initiative, the Texas Medical Center (TMC) – the world’s largest medical city. Texas, known for oil and gas, holds great opportunity for Denmark to transfer knowledge and create opportunities within Danish healthcare innovation and research.

Texas is home to more than 3,900 life science and research firms. Texas Medical Center is the world's largest medical complex and also has the world's largest children's hospital as well as the world's largest cancer hospital. $1.3 bn. was invested by venture capitalists from 2008-2013 while Texas public institutions of higher education spent nearly $2.5 bn. in 2014 alone on medical and life science research. In the fall of 2015, Texas ranked third nationally for number of clinical trials while the state is home to nine medical schools and holds the second-highest number of hospitals only surpassed by California. 

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Water & Environment 

With aging infrastructure and water scarcity as emerging issues, multiple states across North America have increased their focus on the Water Sector. As the fourth largest city in the U.S, Houston's wastewater system is one of the most comprehensive in the nation. Due to a changing climate and growing population, the system is under pressure, resulting in political and commercial attention. This creates significant potential for Danish companies looking to make their mark in the U.S. The Water Advisory facilitates knowledge sharing and partnerships between Danish companies and their counterparts in North America.


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Waste, Recycling & Biogas 

The North American market for sustainable waste management, especially in handling food waste, is experiencing rapid growth as more states and municipalities restrict the disposal of organics to landfill to move towards a circular economy. The biogas sector holds significant growth potential, being only 15% saturated according to recent estimates. Denmark boasts diverse expertise in bioenergy, organics recycling, and nutrient recovery, and is well positioned to benefit from future growth.


The Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory (WBA) actively supports Danish companies seeking expansion into the North American market by offering customized solutions across all phases of the biogas value chain. The WBA plays a pivotal role in fostering knowledge exchange between Danish and North American biogas enterprises, thereby unlocking commercial prospects and expediting sustainable waste management endeavors, including biogas projects.


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Morten Siem Lynge
Consul General
Head of Energy
Tel.:+1 (832) 855-8045
[email protected]


Rosa Marie Mathiasen
Technical Advisor
The Water Advisory
Tel.: +1 (832) 868-0067
[email protected]


Lasse Karlsson
Junior Commercial Advisor 
The Water Advisory
Tel.: +1 (346) 446-5722


Mie Andersen Wickstrøm
Head of Marketing & Communications 
Energy & Environment
Tel: +1 (832) 380-1070
[email protected]


Frederik Thomsen  
Junior Commercial Advisor - Waste, Recycling & Biogas
Energy & Environment
Tel.: +1 (832) 466-5477


Emil Andersen 
Commercial Advisor - Energy Transition
Energy & Environment
Tel.: +1 (832) 903-3875


Thomas Wibe Tougaard
Commercial Advisor - Onshore Wind Energy
Energy & Environment 
Tel.: +1 (713) 351-9570
[email protected]


Caroline Davidsen Nielsen 
Junior Commercial Advisor
Energy & Environment
Tel.: +1 (832) 466-5477
[email protected]

Claudia Cassar Petersen

Junior Commercial Advisor 
Health & Life Sciences
Tel.: +1 (832) 277-8280 
[email protected]


Louise Dyhreberg
Senior Commercial Advisor
Health & Life Sciences
Tel.: +1 (731) 258-4243