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The Trade Department

The Danish missions in the United States support Danish companies who plan to enter the U.S. market. The Consulate General of Denmark in Chicago provides consultancy services within the energy, environment, food & agriculture industries as well as market entry to the U.S.

The Trade Department at the Consulate General of Denmark in Chicago provides doorways into the North American market, as Danish companies are able to benefit from a vast network approaching suppliers, customers or partners. Through collaboration, Danish companies are given a platform to enter the North American market with guidance on business strategies, market and competitor analysis, identifying local business partners and retailers, running virtual offices, carrying out product presentations as well as organizing and participating in trade fairs.

Over a period of many years, the Consulate General of Denmark in Chicago has built up its skills, and has positively contributed to Danish companies’ export adventures in the US.

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Trade Departments in chicago


Wind Energy Advisory

The Wind Energy Advisory is a specialized group that assists Danish component and service providers with strategic analysis, planning, business development, sales and corporate establishment.

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Water Advisory

The Water Advisory facilitates solution sharing and partnerships between Danish water companies and their counterparts in North America to explore global water challenges and influence the water market of tomorrow.

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Food & Ag

The Food and Agriculture Team aims to promote and secure the best possible service and conditions for Danish companies that operate in, or who want to enter the US market.

We offer our consultancy, and we assist Danish companies with potential partners, and we establish the contact to the retail industry. We are in regular contact with the relevant US authorities regarding food legislation, technical trade barriers and export challenges in order to inform and help Danish companies.

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Market Entry Advisory

The Market Entry Advisory is a team that is specialized in all the steps you should consider when establishing your business in North America - it could be everything from trademark registrations to tariffs or corporate establishments.

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