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Visits to The White House and Pentagon

Find information about visits to the White House and Pentagon.

visits to the white house

At this time, we are unable to process any White House tour applications for the general public. We understand that the White House website asks foreign citizens interested in a tour to contact their embassy. However, the US Department of State requires that foreigners be accompanied by a senior diplomat. Unfortunately, due to the time and resource required, White House tours cannot be made available to Danish visitors. A virtual tour of the White House is available here.


U.S. citizens can book tours of the White House by contacting their Member of Congress. Please see the website of the White House.


You may wish to consider tours of the US Capitol Building, where visitors are able to make tour reservations up to three months in advance or obtain same-day tour passes.

visits to pentagon

The Pentagon offers guided tours on most weekdays. Tours can be requested from 14 to 90 days in advance. You can request a tour of the Pentagon by following the instructions on the official Pentagon Tours website.