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Danish-American Partnerships

Learn more about Danish-American collaboration on sustainable solutions. 

In order to address the global climate crisis, cooperation is crucial. No country, big or small, can solve this issue on its own, so learning from each other and cooperating where possible is essential. 


Denmark and the U.S. face many of the same challenges related to addressing climate change, and have a long history of working together on this issue. Since 2016, Denmark and the United States have collaborated, through memorandums of understanding (MoUs) and knowledge sharing, to accelerate the green transition and drive innovation. 


Danish companies already invest heavily in sustainable solutions in the U.S., helping to build local supply-chains, and creating jobs across various green sectors. Following President Biden’s ratification of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, the largest climate act in U.S. history, the opportunities for climate action and collaboration between the two countries have never been greater.  


Denmark in USA have worked to connect Danish companies with sustainable solutions and ‘know-how’ to American counterparts, fostering close partnership. Areas of collaboration already include offshore wind, energy efficiency, sustainable food production, carbon capture and storage, and PtX/Green hydrogen. 


As U.S efforts to build sustainable and resilient communities increase, Danish companies remain well positioned to offer valuable insights, share best practices, and become part of the solution.  


Contact Jacob Vind, Morten Lynge, or Jesper Køks for more information. 

Mr. Jacob Vind
Head of Trade & Regional Director
[email protected]


Mr. Morten Siem Lynge
Consul General and Head of Energy, North America
[email protected]


Mr. Jesper Køks Andersen
Consul General and Head of Water, North America
[email protected]