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Danish Military Service for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals may serve in the Danish military, either under the same conditions as Danish conscripts or by signing longer term contracts and undergoing specialist educations. To apply for this opportunity, you must already live in Denmark, and it will be taken into account whether you are in the process of applying for permanent residency or citizenship, or whether you already have a special connection with Denmark. Your application will be evaluated on an individual basis. There are certain restrictions on the type of position to which you may apply. For example, only Danish citizens may apply for cadet training at the service academies.

As a foreign national, you must apply in writing to be considered for service, and you must pass a physical and psychological evaluation to be declared fit for military duty. During this evalutation, it will also be taken into account whether your command of the Danish language will enable you function properly in a military unit under combat conditions. Once you have served in the Danish military, you may be recalled for further duty in accordance with Danish law. Serving in the Danish military does not exempt you from national service in your native country.

For further information, click here to visit the website of the Danish Defense Recruiting Service (Danish language only), where you will find detailed information about how and where to apply as well as the necessary forms you must fill in.