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Danish Economics Footprints in the U.S.

Denmark has left an economic footprint in the U.S. by creating jobs and investing money across all 50 states - read about it in the publication: Denmark in the U.S. - Creating Jobs & Growth through investments.

Strong trade relations help create jobs and boost economic growth. Denmark and the United States have a long history of deep commercial ties, and an ongoing partnership that fosters transatlantic business, innovation, and mutual growth. 


This publication demonstrates the solid commercial ties between the two countries, and illustrates the size of the Danish economic footprint in the U.S. The Danish-American trade relationship currently helps create nearly 150.000 jobs in the U.S., either as a direct result of Danish companies’ presence in the US or through the export of American goods and services to Denmark. Denmark also ranks as the seventh largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the U.S., and is continuously working to build opportunities for growth. 


The Danish Government wishes to strengthen this relationship further, which is why our efforts in the U.S. are not only focused on continuing to develop Danish commercial strongholds, but also on further developing our capabilities to cooperate with American counterparts. 


To learn more about how the Danish-American business partnership helps foster economic opportunity, read the publication: Denmark in the U.S. - Creating Jobs & Growth through investments.


The publication is made in collaboration between Dansk Industri and the Embassy of Denmark in Washington D.C.