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 ‘Dining with Design’ at the Residence of Denmark in New York

Learn more about the 'Dining with Design' dinnerware, created with contributions by 17 Danish artists and designers.
Every year, we host numerous dinners and events at the Residence of Denmark in New York, bidding welcome government officials, diplomats, business executives, artists, media and more. Since it is often our guests’ first encounter with Denmark and Danish values, we want them to experience the beauty and functionality of Danish design.

What is ‘Dining with Design’?

‘Dining with Design’ is a specially curated, site-specific dinnerware set created in partnership between the Danish Arts Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

This is the first of three sets, initially intended for the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C. In 2021, after several years of serving at the Embassy, the dinnerware was transferred to the Consulate General in New York to be used in the Residence of the Consul General. 

 The set is curated by Butik for Borddækning (Shop for Tablesetting) with contributions by 17 Danish artists and designers. 

Dining with Design at the Danish Residence in New York

The secret ingredient 

When we gather around the dining table at the Residence to share a meal, the focus is naturally on the company and food. Nevertheless, it also matters how we display our meal and how the functionality and aesthetics of design complements the special occasion. In this sense, Dining with Design serves as the secret ingredient in completing the overall dining experience.

As highlighted by the Danish Arts Foundation: "The forms and materials of what is on the table will affect your dining experience and invite you to use your senses when you feel the textile and the uneven forms of the plates or hear the sound of the thin glass when you place it on the table."

Dinnerware created by 17 Danish designers

The ‘Dining with Design’ set illustrates the unique Danish tradition of design and its understanding of materials, but it also taps into the Danish values of dialogue and democratic processes. The various tableware components – from the long majestic table cloth to the smallest teaspoon - spark interest and help facilitate conversation. Each piece speaks for itself and contributes to the dinner through its both elegant and functional design. 
Dining with Design in the Residence of Denmark in New York

The Danish design heritage 

The Danish designers and artists working today stand on the shoulders of a long tradition of ground-breaking craftspeople. Danish design is known all over the world for its sleek lines and sophistication, and more recently for it dedication to sustainability and circularity. Many of the iconic mid-century designs are still in production and as popular as ever.