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Furniture, Fashion and Design


The American market for furniture, fashion and design is expected to develop positively in the years to come.

In 2009, the US imported Danish interiors and home goods equalling a value of $80.3 million, equivalent to approximately 522,000 million Danish crowns. In the five years leading up to 2013, imports from Denmark increased to $140.3 million, equivalent to 913,000 million Danish crowns. This corresponds to an increase of 74.6 percent. In comparison, in 2009, the total US imports in the interior and home goods category was $21.5 billion, or almost 140 billion Danish crowns. And again in 2013, the import of these goods raised $30.8 billion, or over 200 billion Danish crowns. This represents an increase of 43 percent. Danish export of home interiors to the US increased significantly more than other countries in the world.

Danish design is perceived as a high-end product where products are sold to a niche-market. However, lately an increasing number of middle-tier Danish brands are reaching a larger segment of the US market.

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Framework conditions in the U.S. market

Danish design has been riding on a positive wave in the US market in recent years. Denmark has always been known for its creativity, quality and minimalist approach. Old furniture classics continue to be positively linked to new up-coming brands. The market is demanding more and more for Danish design based on the quality of its materials and pleasing styles.

Danish fashion has expanded its market share in the US thanks to its high quality materials and elegant new looks.

Online design sales are rapidly expanding its access to American consumers thanks to improved secured payment methods and delivery options.

Focus areas

There is no doubt that Danish design is world famous and that the US consumers are interested in buying quality products. Denmark is branded as a sign of quality and '' high-end '' products, but it can be difficult to break through such a large market with a single product or brand. Having a narrower or smaller product line can be advantageous to conclude partnerships with US major retail chains before an independent launch.

More and more Danish architecture design companies chose to open their own satellite offices or subsidiaries in major cities such as New York, to showcase their simple style, good use of materials and creativity and to demonstrate their commitment to the US market.

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