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Food, Agriculture and Agroindustry


The US market for food and agricultural products is one of the largest in the world with 315 million consumers. As such, the US market presents many opportunities for Danish companies. Clean and healthy products, traceability of production and food of high quality are some of the trends that US consumers demand. The sale of organic products has exponentially increased during the last 10-15 years, especially the use of food products labelled Non-GMO, No-antibiotics, Gluten Free and Natural.

There is a big demand for enzymes and other ingredients from the US food industry, and the ingredients industry is Denmark’s second largest export to the US after the Danish exportation of pork.


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Framework conditions in the U.S. market

The US food and agriculture market is a well-developed and competitive market. However, with the right niche products it is possible to succeed in the market and satisfy the consumers’ demands.

The US market is characterized by an easy market entry and relatively low tariffs. Many food products can be exported to the US without any particular import formalities and approval requirements. For these products, the import regulations consist of custom inspection and a declaration of the goods. Furthermore, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires notice in advance of the food products and registrations from the export companies. In addition, there can be special requirements regarding the sales channel because import and sales of certain food products are subject to a certain structure. For instance an importer and broker are required.        

For some agricultural and food products (mainly meat, dairy and plant products), special import regulations exist limiting market access, which is administered by the US Department of Agriculture, USDA. As a significant share of the Danish food export consists of these products, it is import to maintain long-term cooperation with USDA and continue export to US. 

Focus areas

In the Trade Council’s Food and Agriculture section, we aim to promote and secure the best possible service and conditions for Danish companies that operate in, or who want to enter the US market. We offer our consultancy, and we assist Danish companies with potential partners, and we establish the contact to the retail industry. We are in regular contact with the relevant US authorities regarding food legislation, technical trade barriers and export challenges in order to inform and help Danish companies.

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Troels Vensild
Minister Counselor & Team Leader
Washington D.C.
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Jonas Damm
Commercial Advisor
Washington D.C.
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