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How The Trade Council can assist you

The Trade Council offers various solutions and services for Danish companies that want to enter the booming U.S. onshore market.

For companies that wish to enter the U.S. onshore market, The Trade Council offers different solution and services so you have the possibility to find the exact solution that fits you and your company best.  


The Wind Energy Advisory's Market Exposure Program is designed especially for Danish wind companies that wish to enter the U.S. wind market. The Market Exposure Program is an affordable, effective, and non-committal way for companies to introduce themselves to the North American onshore wind energy market. Read more about our Market Exposure Program here.

The Trade Council also offers several other solutions to enter the U.S. market.  

Corporate Establishment
The Trade Council in North America offers a corporate establishment solution to Danish companies seeking to set-up a subsidiary in the United states.

Read more about Corporate Establishment here.

Virtual Establishment
The Trade Council in North America offers virtual establishment solutions for Danish companies seeking to gain market presence on North America while being close to local customers and keeping runnig costs low.

Read more about Virtual Establishment here.

Physical Establishment
The Trade Council in North America offers office space at the Consulate Generals of Denmark in Chicago, Houston, Silicon Valley and Toronto to Danish companies seeking establishment and a physical presence on the North American market.

Read more about Physical Establishment here.



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Team Leader

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