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CREADIS' way to the U.S. onshore wind market

CREADIS is a Danish consultancy that partners with wind turbine suppliers to optimize turbine efficiency and help operators improve their production. After years of enhancing some of Europe's most innovative wind projects, CREADIS decided to expand to the U.S. wind market in 2016.

Like many other Danish companies, CREADIS began their integration into American market through the virtual incubator provided by The Trade Council in Chicago. In this way, the consultancy established an official company mailing address and U.S. phone number – all of which could be easily managed by the Wind Energy Advisory’s commercial advisors. Since then, the collaboration between CREADIS and The Trade Council has evolved:

“Throughout the years, we have benefited from various types of collaborations with the Wind Energy Advisory and profited from their attentive services. Our ongoing partnership with The Trade Council has also helped us advance into new projects for the American onshore and offshore wind market,” says Torben Scheller, President and CEO at CREADIS.

Expanding to the U.S
When CREADIS decided to expand to the U.S. market, they researched the needs of their customers and found their core expertise and services aligned with American wind clients’ most pressing challenges. At the same time, the U.S. market allowed CREADIS to diversify their network and attract additional customers.

“Our objective was to gain new customers stateside, further develop our existing European relationships, and grow the business in a sustainable manner,” says Torben Scheller.

For CREADIS, success in the U.S. means building a lean, healthy, and self-supporting business in the United States.
“The U.S. wind market has proven to be an interesting place for us to sell our services and we have a solid plan to increase our market share within the next three years inside U.S. wind sectors,” says Torben Scheller.

Growing the business
When CREADIS integrated into the U.S. wind market after working predominantly in Denmark, they experienced the benefits and challenges of going from a smaller to a larger market:

“We have gone from being a well-known and relatively large player in Denmark to being a small player globally. To continue to mature as a company, we are collaborating with the Wind Energy Advisory in the U.S. to ensure CREADIS is constantly evolving.  We have to be outside of Denmark to diversify our clients and achieve our business growth goals, so the Wind Energy Advisory is welcome support for those ambitions,” says Torben Scheller.