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District Energy Advisory

The Danish District Energy Advisory (DDEA) is a one-stop-shop to Danish experience and know-how within district heating and cooling.

Our Services
We facilitate a dedicated effort to promote Danish solutions within district heating and cooling, and eventually allow Danish companies to enter and partake in the growing North American market. Danish companies have extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment that helps deliver systems with unique performance within energy efficiency, stability of supply, whole life costing, emission control and system control and optimization.
DDEA partners with North American cities, utilities, universities, developers, financiers, etc. on developing and executing modern district energy projects as well as steam-to-hot-water conversion and provide financing assistance through the Danish Export Credit Agency.

Our Background
DDEA consist of the companies Logstor, OE3i, Danfoss, Isoplus, Kamstrup together with the Trade Council in North America. DDEA ensures the complete package within all parts of the value chain of district energy systems and seeks to share knowledge that has been gained through decades of experience in Denmark within the areas of district energy. As of today, 63 per cent of the Danish population has their heating demand covered by district heating, with a goal of reaching 75 per cent within a couple of years and 98% of Copenhagen’s heating is supplied through district heating by Danish technology.

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