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Defense Industry


The US is the world's largest military power with a defense budget of US$560 billion (3.1% of GDP) and five million salaried or retired employees. These jobs are distributed across 4,500 military bases, facilities and other locations throughout the world.  Defense is continuously engaged in important modernization and streamlining processes of its inventory to ensure preparedness and optimize its operations. In the coming years, acquisitions will be made in very large scales in terms of equipment and technology. Defense is also on the technology cusp thanks to its innovations, climate-friendly solutions for alternative forms of fuel, recycling, and energy efficient equipment.

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Framework conditions in the U.S. market

As a major power, it is essential to have a functioning and superior military force capable of maximizing the number of areas it is involved in. The budget appropriations for defense constitute up to 50% of the discretionary funds in the federal budget, so they are also a large part of the yearly budget negotiations representing a key part of the political debate in Washington, DC.

Focus areas

The US military has a strong focus on energy optimization. In particular, Danish companies are able stand out by offering green and energy-efficient solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, and scalable, to meet US requirements. Danish companies could benefit from strategic alliances with the US defense and the American industry due to the high interest in Danish expertise on energy and climate solutions.

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