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Our business services

The Trade Council USA assists Danish companies with export to the U.S. market through a wide range of services within export start programmes, establishment of a business entity, recruitment, information on local business conditions, and much more.



Connect with the Trade Council North America on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Find information on the Canadian department of the Trade Council in North America here.


Get an insight in the Trade Council North America's work in one of the podcasts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
The podcast series is called Business Insights and is available in Danish only.
Listen to one of the episodes about a Danish business' way into the North American marked here.

Get an insight in the work of the Danish Tech Ambassador, working out of Silicon Valley, through the podcast series TechPlomacy.
Listen to one of the episodes here.


General business conditions
We provide professional, fee-based services. Find our general business conditions here.


How to get more information?

For more general information about the services provided by the Trade Council all over the world, you welcome to visit the Trade Council here.