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Copenhagen to become first carbon neutral capital by 2025

5.24.2012  21:15

Extensive retrofitting of buildings, the reorganization of the energy supply, more wind turbines and changing transport habits are some of the many initiatives the City of Copenhagen proposes to implement in working towards carbon neutrality by 2025.

With this plan, the Danish capital will combine growth, development and a higher quality of life with a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 1.1 million tons.

Lord Mayor Frank Jensen: "With our Climate Plan, we are investing in growth and quality of life: Copenhageners’ daily lives will grow better in a greener and healthier city. The investments will ensure jobs now - and the new solutions will provide the foundation for a strong green sector."

The Climate Plan outlines a number of areas where Copenhageners’ lives will change over the coming years if our ambition of becoming a carbon neutral capital is to become a reality.

Technical and Environmental Mayor Ayfer Baykal: "We will only realize a carbon neutral capital with the support and commitment of Copenhageners. We must choose our bikes instead of our cars, sort and recycle more of our waste and invest in energy retrofitting of our houses and flats. The reward will appear in the form of a series of environmental benefits like clean air, less noise and greater quality of life."


Facts about the Copenhagen Climate Plan:

To implement the CPH 2025 Climate Plan will require municipal investment of around DKK 2.7bn up to 2025.
In addition, there will be new private investment of DKK 20-25bn, giving employment of approximately 35,000 man-years in the period up to 2025.
As well as a better environment and climate deriving from investments, there will also be economic gains. Copenhageners can lookforward to saving DKK 350 on their electricity and heating bills each month when the climate plan has been implemented.

The process
The climate plan has been developed in close cooperation with the citizens of Copenhagen, NGOs and knowledge institutions. The plan will be processed at a City of Copenhagen Technical and Environmental Committee meeting on June 4th, at the Culture and Leisure Committee meeting on June 19th, the Finance Committee meeting on August 14th and the City Council meeting on August 23rd. 

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