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Two new research partnerships

12.16.2020  16:26

Pennsylvania Ave - resized finalIn December, the Embassy of Denmark in Washington D.C. entered into two new development research partnerships. The two separate partnerships focus on two of the central global challenges – climate change and health security. Each project will undertake research focusing on implications for developing countries, with the objective to promote the social and economic development. 

Peterson Institute for International Economics
The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) will undertake a coordinated set of research projects on the economics and political economy of decarbonization. The work will focus on developing and advancing a multifaceted international strategy to address climate change in an era blighted by a lack of international cooperation and slowing trend growth, with a cross-cutting theme of impact on implications for developing countries. The objective of the project is provide policy-analysis to expand decarbonization in developing countries to address the global threat of climate change and support sustainable and inclusive development. The project is intended through its expert analysis of climate change related issues affecting developing countries to offer a set of practical policy solutions to the problems identified in the key project theme areas.

Center for Global Development
Center for Global Development (CGD) will start a research project, which aims to provide real-time analysis, evidence-based solutions, and actionable recommendations to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in LMICs and prepare for future global pandemics. In an effort to inform LMIC governments, members of the development community, and other stakeholders responding to the ongoing pandemic, Center for Global Development will undertake a project to produce knowledge products outlining and urging greater policy coherence among multilateral institutions, LMIC governments, bilateral donors, and the broader global health community in the response to COVID-19. Throughout the project, CGD’s work will focus on strengthening the resiliency of the global health system more broadly and preparing for future pandemics.

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