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Evacuation and Emergency

If you are travelling in the US and you need help urgently, you may contact the Embassy of Denmark, the Danish Consulate General in New York or Chicago, or your nearest Danish Honorary Consulate.

The Embassy or the Consulate Generals can provide immediate assistance in case of an emergency or provide you with the relevant contact information on someone who can assist you.

If you need help after normal business hours, at night or during weekends and holidays, you may contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 Emergency Center at +45 3392 1112 /

Please, also see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs central website for emergency matters: (in Danish only).

For more on the current conditions regarding weather forecasts please see the following US Government websites:

NOAA's National Weather Service

National Hurricane Center

U.S. Geological Survey - Earthquake Hazards Program

Evacuation Routes in the US

Please also note that your local city or county may have additional emergency precautions, so please check with your local authorities as well.