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Economic Diplomacy

The Embassy follows and reports on US economic-financial developments, the domestic political agenda, sectorial policies incl. climate/energy, food/agriculture, and the maritime sector, and foreign economic policy, incl. international trade policy, and promotes Danish policy positions and initiatives. It is a central task for the Embassy, to facilitate Danish foreign economic policy, promote US-Danish intergovernmental sectorial policy cooperation to enhance the transatlantic economic relationship as well as mediating political and regulatory framework conditions in the US for Danish export and trade related economic growth in Denmark.


Mr. Frederik Petersen
Minister Counselor, Economic Diplomacy
Tel: (202) 797-5368


Mr. Troels Vensild
Minister Counselor, Agriculture & Food
Tel: (202) 797-5341


Mr. Michael Skytt Guldbrandtsen

Policy Advisor, Energy & Climate

Tel: (202) 797-5331


Ms. Maja Elisabeth Thagaard

Special Attaché, Health

Tel: (202) 797-5327


Mr. Michael Sterner

Special Attaché, Finance

Tel: (202) 797-5355


Ms. Marie Apitz

Advisor, US Domestic Policy

Tel: (202) 797-5358


Ms. Anne-Louise Fregerslev Christensen


Tel: (202) 797-5302