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Oskar Stenmark Trio - in my grandmother's footsteps 

Photo credit: Diego Llarrull

Performances: House of Sweden the 26th of June.
Tickets are available at

”In Gärdebyn, Dalecarlia, you will find an important and ancient music tradition. The small Swedish village has been a cultural hub for over two hundred years. Oskar Stenmark, a flugelhorn player, is the seventh generation in his family to pass on this tradition, much thanks to his (paternal) grandmother Elsie Börjes, who grew up in Gärdebyn. Elsie went on a U.S. tour with a group of fiddlers in 1956, when she was only 17 years old. 61 years later Oskar is recreating the tour by visiting Minneapolis, Chicago, Rockford, Bishop Hill and New York. The last stop of the trip is Washington D.C. a place Elsie also visited. Together with Swedish bass player Lars Ekman and Ukrainian-American pianist Alex Pryrodny, the group will perform some of these melodies, mixed with a contemporary expression and sounds from New York.”

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