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Nordic Jazz 2017

Nordic Jazz 2017 presents Scandinavia’s top performers in Washington D.C. June 25th – 29th.  

The Nordic Embassies are excited to present the eleventh annual Nordic Jazz Festival in Washington, D.C., June 25th – 29th, 2017. Internationally acclaimed performers from Denmark/The Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland and Norway will present the modern sound of Nordic Jazz over the course of 7 concerts. 

The festival presents a rare opportunity to experience five very different world-class Nordic jazz solo artists and groups. The concerts will be held at the Finnish Embassy, the Danish Embassy and House of Sweden.

The artists
Nordic jazz artists present a unique sound that emphasizes the natural elements of the Nordic countries with a modern interpretation. The contemporary Nordic Jazz scene is characterized by improvisation; the music tends to be experimental but melodically strong with a spacious sound and open song structures. The participants in Nordic Jazz 2017 are some of the Nordic countries’ most creative and interesting artists with strong educational backgrounds, international careers and several jazz prizes in their curriculum vitae.

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