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cultural frontrunners

Cultural Frontrunners is a network of people dedicated to promoting contemporary Danish culture, values and issues in the United States on a voluntary basis.


The Cultural Frontrunner Network was founded in 2005 by the Embassy and the Consulate General in New York and currently counts approximately 60 members. The network creates a forum where members can exchange ideas and share knowledge about Danish culture.

Over the years, the Cultural Frontrunner network has facilitated a great number of Danish events across the country – e.g. Danish film festivals, design and graphical art exhibitions, happenings and tributes to the Danish heritage society in the US. The network includes diplomats, consuls, vice consuls, individual artists and individuals with a specific interest in Danish art.

Cultural Frontrunners is maintained by the Embassy of Denmark in Washington, DC in close cooperation with colleagues at the Danish Consulate General in New York.