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Art in Embassy

“We are very proud to be the first ambassadorial residence to showcase, in collaboration with Danish Arts Foundation, some of the best art that Denmark has to offer. Danish culture is essential to how Denmark is perceived abroad. As such, Art in Embassy is important to Denmark,” says Denmark’s former ambassador to the United States, Lars Lose. 

Photo credit: Matailong Du

Art in Embassy is a collaboration between the Danish Art Foundation and the Danish Ministry of Culture, and the Embassy in Washington, DC.
Art in Embassy uses the Ambassador’s residence to display the unique example of Danish functionalist architecture and interior design. The ambassador’s residence displays 37 works in an exhibition that seeks to cross borders of convention and aesthetics where artists joyfully and untraditionally play with media, imagery and our conceptions of art. 

In Denmark, design and architecture is the starting point for many conversations between guests and hosts. Hence at the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC, Art in Embassy provides an opportunity for the Ambassador to tell his many guests and interlocutors about the special status of classic 1960's architecture and design as well as contemporary Danish art, design and architecture occupies in an international context.

The goal is to show what is happening on the contemporary Danish art scene with a permanent exhibition for 10 years at the Residence of the Embassy.  The works not only serve as decoration but boldly in an artistic manner raise questions that can foster conversation between people and cultures. With the project Art in Embassy, the Danish Embassy in Washington can serve as a unique showcase for Danish contemporary art in the United States, thereby creating a platform for dialogue between Danish and American artists and other cultural as well as political actors.