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Department of Foreign-, Security- & Development Policy

The Department follows and reports on U.S. foreign and security policy, defense policy related aspects of U.S. security policy as well as development policy. The Department furthermore promotes Danish positions and initiatives within the field. The Department also monitors domestic policy issues and the general political debate in the U.S. with a foreign, security and development dimension.

On a daily basis, the Department is working closely with U.S. government institutions in the executive and legislative branch as well as the American think tank and academic community. This includes policy dialogue and consultations, reporting to the Danish Government on U.S. foreign and security policy as well as defence and development policy and keeping close bilateral relations with the U.S. The aim is to present and explain the Danish government’s foreign, security and development policy and to promote transatlantic relations and cooperation.

The Department is also responsible for the management of issues relating to the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Development Bank. This includes policy dialogue, preparation of Board meetings, management of Danish contributions, performance assessment, advisory services for Danish companies and reporting to the Danish Government.


Department of Foreign -, Security- & Development Policy


Ms. Lene Mandel Vensild 
Minister Counselor, Foreign & Security Policy
Tel: (202) 797-5344


Mr. Simon Thorup Trier

First Secretary, Foreign & Security Policy

Tel: (202) 797-5357


Mr. Lars Volck Madsen

Senior Political Advisor, Foreign & Security Policy

Tel: (202) 797-5353


Ms. Anna Friis Bach

Advisor, Development

Tel: (202) 797-5337



Department of Security Policy


Mr. Asger Bjørn Andersen

Minister Counselor, Defense

Tel: (202) 797-5378