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Department of Economic Diplomacy, Domestic Political Affairs and Culture 

The Department covers the following three areas:

Economic Diplomacy: In line with the Danish Government’s priorities, the Department is responsible for promoting US-Danish intergovernmental sectorial policy cooperation to support Danish export, enhance the transatlantic relationship and Danish values. The Department monitors and reports on US economic, financial and trade developments as well as on sector policies in areas related to environment, climate and energy, food and agriculture, health, maritime issues and justice & home affairs. Activities include close cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders, including the US Government, state governments and non-government organizations, as well as policy exchanges and visits by Danish Government representatives, municipal leaders and the private sector. Across the US, the department works closely with all units of the Trade Council to support Danish businesses. 
Domestic Political Affairs: The tasks include analysis and reporting on the US domestic political agenda and managing the Embassy’s important relations with the US Congress, including maintaining and strengthening relations with the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus, while promoting Danish policy positions and values. 
Public Diplomacy, Press & Culture: The Department is responsible for the embassy’s press relations and for sharing a variety of information about Denmark on various media platforms, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked-In). The promotion of Danish culture for the American public is also an essential part of the Department’s Public Diplomacy and cultural engagements. A variety of cultural events with Danish and Nordic artists are organized annually by the Department (in collaboration with local cultural stakeholders and institutions) and launched across the US. Activities include visual and performing arts, music, literature, museums, historical and cultural heritage, film, architecture and design. Furthermore, the Department advises both Danish and US artists, media and cultural organizations and provides guidance on individual projects.



Mr. Frederik Petersen
Minister Counselor, Head of Department
Tel: (202) 797-5368

Mr. Troels Vensild
Minister Counselor, Agriculture & Food
Tel: (202) 797-5341

Mr. Michael Sterner 
Counselor, Finance
Tel: (202) 797-5355

Mr. Michael Skytt Guldbrandtsen
Counselor, Energy & Climate
Tel: (202) 797-5331

Ms. Maja Elisabeth Thagaard
Attaché, Health
Tel: (202) 797-5327

Ms. Mette Asmussen
Advisor, Maritime Affairs
Tel: (202) 797-5307

Mr. Mads Dalgaard Madsen
Advisor, US Domestic Policy
Tel: (202) 797-5358

Ms. Anne-Louise Fregerslev Christensen
Advisor, Justice & Home Affairs, Environment
Tel: (202) 797-5302

Ms. Cecilia Skogstad
Advisor, Public Diplomacy and Communications
Tel: (202) 797-5319

Ms. Synne Nyrop Henriques
Advisor, Cultural and Public Diplomacy
Tel: (202) 797-5342