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Danish UN Procurement Network

In 2016, the Danish Trade Council in New York launched the Danish UN Procurement Network for Danish companies with interest in selling to the UN. The overall objective of the network is to support Danish companies in doing business with UN organizations.


The network gives you and your company the possibility to engage with UN organizations and gain insights into UN procurement practices and objectives. Through the network, your company will receive invitations to relevant events, information on the UN procurement process and provide you with access to The Trade Councils Commercial Advisors, whom have in depth-knowledge of the UN procurement system. If you are interested in exploring your business opportunities within the UN organizations, please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Commercial Advisor Sebastian Rodas Medeiros (

Denmark is the 8 th ranking supplier country to the UN system, which is quite an impressive accomplishment. In 2019 the Danish companies procured goods and services to the UN system with a value of 631 mio. USD. The supply of goods and services from Danish companies has increased with 24% from 2017-2019, which underlines the potential for new vendors to explore their business opportunities within the UN system. The categories of goods and services to which Denmark sells the most to are expressed in the table below as well as the UN organizations, that Denmark primarily sells goods and services to. You can explore additional procurement data on UNGM platform.

Nordic UN Procurement Seminar

The Nordic countries have historically had success with promoting Danish companies and their goods and services to the UN in our International UN Procurement Seminars. The Nordic countries have collaborated on hosting five Nordic UN Procurement Seminars every second year. The last one took place in 2018 in the UN City, Copenhagen with almost 200 participating companies from the Nordic countries.

This year we are inviting you to join the first ever Virtual Nordic UN Procurement Seminar, which is being held on the 25th and 26th of January 2021. The seminar is a unique meeting place for Nordic companies from all types of industries and sectors seeking to do business with UN organizations. The UN is a large global system that in 2019 procured for almost 20 billion USD and the seminar is a vital platform for both SMEs and large enterprises to promote their solutions and conduct business with the UN. The UN purchases a wide range of goods and services across sectors and is thereby a highly interesting business opportunity for Nordic based companies.

Please find additional information on the Virtual Nordic UN Procurement Seminar here.

The seminar is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to engage with UN procurement officers and suppliers and by this bringing your company one step closer to doing business with the UN. If you have any questions regarding the Nordic UN Procurement Seminar 2021, please do not hesitate to contact us at





Sebastian Rodas Medeiros

Commercial Advisor

SDGs & UN Procurement

Tel.: (917) 325 4443

Astrid Willum Foltinger

Commercial Advisor

SDGs & UN Procurement

Tel.: (202) 285 3023