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The Trade Department

Trade department

The Trade Council works to generate opportunities for Danish business in the US and assists Danish companies in realizing their potential on the US market.

Through an active and targeted approach, we create value for Danish companies by researching and analysing the market, mapping stakeholders, strong relation building, and by designing a solid strategy for the US market based on knowledge and local insight.



The launch of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 has been a key driver for global initiatives aimed at reversing the effects of climate change and contributing to both sustainable social and economic development.

Values of resilience, sustainability and social responsibility are strongly rooted in Danish culture and enterprise, and are therefore the fundamental building blocks of “SDG Hub Denmark – Sustainable Business in Action”. As Danish companies continue to expand their businesses internationally, new opportunities for building long-term strategic partnerships and multi-stakeholder solutions emerge. SDG Hub Denmark supports Danish companies in achieving their SDG strategies and prioritized goals while growing their business abroad. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the private sector and the UN in their common ambition to achieve the SDGs.

If you are interested in hearing more about the SDG Hub’s work and how we can assist in strategizing and executing sustainable business strategies, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members.

Our services includes, but are not limited to,:

  • Conducting partnership-mapping and outreach initiatives
  • Arranging bilateral meetings
  • Conceptualizing and executing side-events during relevant SDG and sustainability conferences in New York and Geneva
  • Ensuring high impact speaking roles at key-events in New York City and at the UN
  • Providing SDG-specific advise and business intelligence
  • Faciliting SDG academies for knowledge sharing and inspiration
  • Provide access and guidance to strategic communication platforms



Martine Gram Barby
Head of Trade
Tel.: (917) 543 8915  

Jacob Shellenberger-Bessmann

Deputy Head of Trade
Multichannel & E-commerce
Tel.: (917) 543 3306


Commercial Advisor
Multichannel Commerce
Tel: N/A

Sebastian Rodas Medeiros

Commercial Advisor

SDGs & UN Procurement

Tel.: (917) 325 4443


Victoria Bager

Commercial Advisor


Tel.: (212) 705 4940


Astrid Willum Foltinger

Commercial Advisor

SDGs & UN Procurement

Tel.: (202) 285 3023


Elsebeth Dam Nordlund

Commercial Advisor

SDGs & Urban Solutions

Tel.: (212) 705 4929


Mikkel Hasse Winther 
Commercial Intern
SDGs, Sustainable Solutions
& UN Procurement
Tel.: (646) 7251 360

Elisabeth Friis
Commercial Intern
Multichannel Commerce, Design
& Tech
Tel.: (646) 7250 071