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WTA Makes Waves as North America is Facing Environmental Regulations

Regulations from the Danish government and the EU have forced Danish wastewater companies to adjust and adapt their solutions, resulting in them becoming experts in customizing quality products while fulfilling regulatory requirements.

The North American wastewater market is now facing regulations that Danish companies have been facing for years. The focus on nitrate and phosphorous regulations is increasing significantly in the US, and a carbon tax is in place in several regions around the US. However, this sector is where Danish expertise is at its best.

NISSEN Energy Inc. is one of the Danish companies that have succeeded by introducing innovative Danish wastewater solutions to the North American market. Their first successful sale in North America was at the Glenbard Wastewater Authority in Glen Ellyn, IL. NISSEN Energy Inc. sold Glenbard Wastewater Authority a Combined Heat and Power Motor (CHP Motor) that converts the biogas in sludge, from the wastewater, into energy, which resulted in noticeable cost savings.

This sale occurred through successful cooperation with the Water Technology Alliance (WTA), who introduced NISSEN Energy Inc. to the several big players within the wastewater field in North America.

The WTA has played a crucial role as a partner to us, when we decided to enter the North American market. We learned a lot from them, especially because their approach is different. They have experts as representatives, and they focus on creating relations with the wastewater facilities in North America, rather than just sending a salesperson,” said Michael B. Nissen, Technical Manager NISSEN Energy Inc..

Michael B. Nissen explains how the WTA introduced them to relevant stakeholders through workshops and fact-finding tours, which led to the cooperation with Glenbard Wastewater Facility. The CHP Motor at the facility in Glen Ellyn also functions as a showroom, which has created awareness.

The wastewater facility Downers Grove has also recently installed a CHP motor from NISSEN Energy Inc.. In addition, Downers Grove has installed one GasMix (Gas-Mixer) from the Danish company Landia. With the Landia GasMix, the utility will get up to ten percent more production with the digester. The new installations meets emission standards, reducing the need for employees and creating cost savings.

After the installation of the Landia GasMix and the CHP motor from NISSEN Energy Inc., the energy output went from a net negative to a net positive. Several factors could have affected the result, but there is no doubt that Danish suppliers have had a positive influence on the energy output.

The Water Technology Alliance has a great network of wastewater plans in North America and Denmark. Their broad knowledge within water technology allows them to offer specialized knowledge. Ulrik Hansen Folkmann is the Senior Technical Advisor of the WTA and has more than 25 years of experience within the wastewater industry. He is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders, as he explains:

It is important for us to meet the people at the wastewater plants and have a good professional relationship with them with focus on determining their challenges and find beneficial solutions together. Though, our main purpose is to help Danish companies succeed in North America, and that is how we are Working for Denmark.