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The Danish Trade Council Eyes Great Potential Within Waste, Recycle and Biogas Field in North America

A new initiative has been created in order for Danish solutions to meet the needs of improvements within the waste, recycle and biogas field. Andrew Kessler now represents the Waste and Biogas Advisory, and he is responsible for connecting Danish Solutions to the North American market.

Every year, millions of tons of waste end up on disposal sites in North America. This process is not a sustainable way to manage waste. Furthermore, it is expensive to dispose the large amount of waste. The increased focus on circular economy and green energy in North America has opened even more doors for Danish solutions.

For many years, sustainability has been a great focus in Denmark. Through experience, Danes have become experts in the fields of managing waste, recycle and biogas. Therefore, the Danish Trade Council eyes great opportunities within this specific market, and have decided to introduce a new team dedicated to meet the needs of the North American market.

The Waste and Biogas Advisory (WBA) focuses on introducing Danish waste management solutions to North America, and team leader Andrew Kessler is leading the way.

WBA will not act as salespersons but as the sales channel, as Andrew Kessler explains: “Our mission is to connect Danish competencies to the significant market opportunities in North America, where we work closely with each Danish company to develop unique 'go to market' strategies that are highly prioritized to achieve the greatest 'bang for the buck".

The approach is different from many other export approaches and there will be focus on Explore, Execute and Consolidate. Each term covers different services aimed at introducing the Danish companies to the right people at the right place.

Andrew Kessler describes the approach; “As the saying goes, 'if you don't have a seat at the table, you are probably on the menu'. We bring Danish companies to the table and if there is no seat, we bring our own. This is a great picture of how we are Working for Denmark”.