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Hove A/S is Entering the North American Wind Market Smoothly by Introducing Innovative Lubrication Solutions

Hove A/S is a Danish company specialized in lubrication solutions for wind turbines. In cooperation with the Wind Energy Advisory (WEA), which is a part of the Danish Trade Council, they introduced Danish solutions to the North American Market. Their innovative solutions received a warm welcome from companies in North America.

Hove A/S turned the first sod through some of the significant companies operating within the wind energy industry in Europe, but they have been operating within different fields around Europe for many years. As part of the company’s goal to become a global player, Hove A/S started approaching the North American market with their innovative high quality solutions, which was when WEA became a part of their journey.

It can be a complex process for companies to enter the North American market due to the many challenges and opportunities: “Many companies here in North America value presence, which is one of our main purposes as a strategic partner to our Danish clients. We work as a close partner for Danish companies and represent them in North America in order to bring them closer to their local customers,” Maja Vonsild Jørgensen, Commercial Advisor at WEA explains. Maja has worked closely together with Hove A/S, and she has been an active part of kicking off their successful journey.

The WEA team consists of people specialized in different fields. This allows the team to provide Danish companies with qualified advice when entering the North American market, whether it being strategic, technical or marketing aspects. As a strategic partner to Hove A/S, WEA arranges business trips and introduces them to relevant decision makers such as North American wind farm owners, operators and service providers. Furthermore, WEA is not afraid to get their hands dirty and help Hove A/S facilitate field tests.

The cooperation with WEA has played a crucial role for us in relation to the creation of our strategy when entering the North American market. It is a great asset to be able to learn from their experiences and get new connections through their network. WEA is the reason why we have so ambitious plans within expanding,” said Thomas Cramer US Sales Manager at HOVE A/S.

The cooperation between WEA and Hove A/S pose a great example of how Danish companies can succeed in the North American market by selling user friendly, quality products.

Maja Vonsild Jørgensen explains: “The main goal for us at WEA is to see the companies we cooperate with succeed. That is our most important task while Working for Denmark”.