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Danish District Energy Solutions are Heating Up North America’s Top Universities

Denmark is a leader within District Energy. The Decentralized Energy Advisory, operating as a part of the Danish Trade Council, is working with North America’s top universities to form cooperation with Danish district energy companies.

Renewable district heating systems are in the process of changing the North American market. The Decentralized Energy Advisory (DEA) delivers district heating turnkey system solutions. The North American district heating market is primarily urban, focused on distributing generated heat in a centralized location. It is sustainable, energy efficient, and a Danish specialty.

The North American market poses great opportunities in terms of improving heating systems. For starters, DEA looks to where the solutions will have an impact. In addition, DEA works with stakeholders interested in retrofitting piping systems and implementing district heating. Recently, North American Universities promptly caught the attention of DEA.

A variety of progressive North American Universities have been considering to retrofit their heating systems, increase energy efficiency, and create cleaner energy as a result.

The Decentralized Energy Advisory recently addressed the increasing interest for sustainability by hosting a delegation from some of North America’s top universities; bringing them to Denmark to explore district heating systems and to see how they can outfit their own university systems.

Key personnel, from eight progressive universities in various stages of district energy planning, visited Denmark over a three day trip arranged by DEA. Over the three days they took a deep dive into how to implement low-temperature district energy systems into their university energy systems.

Apart from site visits and presentations from utility companies, DEA facilitated a meeting between university representatives and Danish companies to discuss their local challenges and opportunities.

The feedback from the universities is positive, with one major Northeastern U.S. University deciding on the spot, “We’re definitely going to add conversion from steam to hot water to our plan for utility improvement”.

Another top University commented; “The facility tours and presentations were extremely well organized and very informative. This was an excellent networking and learning opportunity”.

More Campus Tours are in place for fall 2017.

Niels Frederik Malskær, a commercial advisor specializing within District Heating for the Trade Council, explains “Our work with American Universities has been exciting and rewarding. These high-thinking institutions are a perfect place to introduce cost-efficient and high-producing renewable energy. Being a part of such progressive initiatives is why we are Working for Denmark.”