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Working for Denmark             

Learn more about the Wind Energy Advisory, Water Technology Alliance, Decentralized Energy Advisory and the Waste & Biogas Advisory and how we are Working for Denmark.

“Instead of Finding the Sales Channels, We Became the Sales Channel”

Years ago, the Energy and Environment Team focused on creating networks and assisting Danish companies in the introduction to the North American market. This approach is still a part of our focus, but the performance of it has radically changed.

From the beginning, the Energy and Environment team (E&E) has been one of the main segments for The Danish Trade Council, and after its creation, quickly landed a strong foothold in the U.S. The Energy and Environment Team assisted Danish companies in entering the US market. We accomplished this by putting companies in contact with relevant distributers and customers. After the introduction phase, we stepped back, and let the Danish companies complete the rest of the process themselves. Some companies were able to succeed with this approach, but not enough.

We helped a great number of companies, but instead of helping them establish, we just introduced them to relevant people and left them by that. This didn’t always end as successfully as we wanted, and we knew we needed to change the approach and get to know our customer’ customers,” said Jakob Andersen, Trade Commissioner and Consul General in Chicago.

Acknowledging that the introduction was not enough for Danish companies to succeed on the North American market, we changed our approach. The process shifted from “idea to introduction” to “idea to invoice”, and in this way Danish companies were supported all the way to their first North American sale.

The first sale is crucial. As soon as a company sells their first product, the door is opened and the company is ready for more. Instead of finding the sales channels, we became the sales channel,” said Jakob Andersen, Trade Commissioner and Consul General.

Since the approach was changed, the success rate has increased rapidly. Our focus, as the Energy & Environment Team, is now more focused on quality instead of quantity, which leads to more Danish companies entering the North American market successfully. Furthermore, we now focus on recruiting team members with a high level of specialized knowledge in order to cover all perspectives of market entry more thoroughly. 

Today, the E&E team consists of the Wind Energy Advisory (WEA), the Water Technology Alliance (WTA), the District Energy Advisory (DEA), and the most the recent department Waste and Biogas Advisory (WBA). Each team is working within specific environmental fields, but we all have the same objective, which is focused on making Danish companies succeed in the North American market. This is how we are Working for Denmark.

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Jakob Skaarup Nielsen

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