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The Water Advisory

The Water Advisory team provides a full range of services to Danish companies that either wishes to enter the North American water and waste water market or further grow their US presence and activities. 

The ser­vices offered can take the company from the planning stages of a new market en­try to execution of the entry process. The advisory is working on strengthening its network within the water and waste water commu­nity through plant visits, conducting workshops, and by arranging fact finding visits to Denmark. The goal being to start a dialogue with US water and waste water utilities.

Compared to our foreign colleagues, Dan­ish water utilities are ahead when it comes to technology, planning and know-how. The three largest and leading water utili­ties in Denmark, Aarhus Vand, Vand Cen­ter Syd and HOFOR (3V) supply drinking water and handle waste water for approxi­mately 25% of the Danish population. They have established a strategic collaboration which, among other things, seeks to share knowledge that has been gained through decades of experience in Denmark within the areas of wastewater treatment tech­nology, energy management, storm water operations, and related issues. All utilities have extensive knowledge with regard to the operation of sustainable waste water treatment facilities.

Contact information

Jacob Vind

Trade Commissioner / Consul General

Head of The Water Advisory

Tel.: +1 (650) 720-2642