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Wind Energy Advisory

The Wind Energy Advisory is a specialized group that assists Danish component and service providers with strategic analysis, planning business development, sales and corporate establishment. The group has expanded into Texas with the new Danish Consulate as Texas is the leading wind state.

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, The Wind Energy Advisory has expanded into Texas as the state function as the local gateway to the Midwestern, Southwestern and Northeastern States. These states host a broad range of companies in the wind energy industry, ranging from OEMs, service providers to wind asset owners.

Texas' ports serve as a transportation hub for the wind energy sector, offering an excellent gateway to the rest of the US. Texas' ports are some of the busiest when it comes to international cargo - also when it comes to offshore wind components.

We offer the companies affordable access to the market with full focus on the their individual products and give them the same advantages of hiring their own US-based employee, including extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Contact information

Gregory Kocsis
Senior Commcercial Advisor
Wind Energy Advisory (WEA)
Tel.:+1 (312) 346-5723