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Danish candidacy for hosting Congress of the International Union of Architects - UIA 2023

6.20.2017  16:28

The congress is one of the world’s leading architect congresses. It unites architects and urban planners from all over the world and addresses current challenges in architecture and urban planning.

The congress is expected to attract 10 000 delegates for five days, especially architects, urban planners and politicians. The related tourism is predicted to create a turnover of 155 million DKK.

The congress is held every three years. It will take place in Seoul this year and in Rio in 2020. In 2011 it was held in Tokyo and in 2014 in Durban. Last time it was hosted in Europe was in 2008 (Torino).

The Danish Association of Architects is bidding to bring the congress to Copenhagen in 2023 together with Realdania and Wonderful Copenhagen. The bid is supported by the other Nordic countries.

We are “shortlisted” together with five other cities (Kuala Lumpur, Baku, Madrid, Lausanne and Antalya). All six destinations must present their bids for the congress in Seoul in September. Thereafter, the General Assembly will vote to choose the winning city.

Good reasons to hold the congress in Copenhagen include: Copenhagen and Denmark have a long history of architecture – and have fostered many internationally acclaimed architects; Copenhagen is a fantastic example of how an urban environment can be created with focus on green growth through urban planning and innovative architecture; and the congress has never been held in a Nordic country.

Copenhagen has proposed “Sustainable Futures” as the congress theme in Copenhagen. It has a strong relation to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and Copenhagen’s membership in the C40 alliance, which is a network for “the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change”. Moreover, UN’s Development Programme UNDP has its Nordic office in Copenhagen.

In connection to the congress in Copenhagen, a vast outreach programme is being planned together with the Copenhagen Municipality and other stakeholders. Simultaneously, the Danish Association of Architects is planning, in collaboration with the School of Architecture, a Summer School for architecture students in relation to the congress.

The architecture festival CAFx, which is normally held each year in May, will be moved to July in 2023, in connection to the UIA congress.

In relation to the congress in Copenhagen, the delegates will be given the chance to see Danish architecture through a series of tours. At the same time, a programme will be offered for the accompanying spouses, which will also focus on architecture, history and gastronomy.

Click here for information about Danish architecture.

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