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Invitation to the Danish Embassy's 2019 Conference on Trade Policy

6.20.2019  19:41

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The Royal Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C. is pleased to invite Danish companies to participate in our 2019 conference on Trade Policy. The conference takes place in Washington, D.C. on Sep. 23th – 25th 2019.

During the conference, you will gain valuable insights into the American political system and current/future agendas on trade policy issues, with a series of high-level meetings with governmental institutions and organizations. Organized right in the global political hotspot of Washington, D.C., the program will enable corporate decision makers to better navigate legislative waters, as it deep-dives into the blurred tension field between political agendas and commercial activities.

This conference will mark the launch of the Danish Embassy’s increased attention towards Economic Diplomacy that will support Danish companies and their activities with/within the US on trade policy and public affairs matters. One way to accomplish this is to continuously monitor the political landscape, provide deep analytical assessments in developments of interest to Danish companies, and then pass on this exclusive information directly to your attention. The aim is thus to facilitate you in spotting new opportunities for engagement, mitigating potential disruptive risks, and making proactive decisions grounded in knowledgeable sources of information. 

Please find information about the conference and tentative program here.

To sign up or for more information about the conference, please reach out to Mathias Nielsen, Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C.


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