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Please note that the representations only accept credit card or money order made out to the representation at which the application is directed, however the Consulate General in Chicago only accepts cash or money order.

Please be aware that it is only the General Consulate in New York who can process visa-applications.


Description Price (USD)
Consular Services  
Issue of passports (to persons aged between 18 and 65) 160
Passports for persons under 18 160
Passports for persons over 65 160
Provisional passports, EU emergency passports, laissez-passer, alterations to passports etc. 160
Extention of passports or provisional passports on weekdays after 4:15 PM 374
Extention of passports or provisional passports at weekends and official closing days 534
Driving licences 71
International driving licenses  56
Certificate on a lost driving license (temporary replacement driving license) 40

Visa C: Short-stay - max 90 days

60 EURO (online only) 



Re-entry permit    



Entry permit: D-visa


Application for residence and/or work permit (student permit)


Request for further information for applications submitted in Denmark            

Delivery of permit decision, return of original documents for applications submitted in Denmark or Iceland 160****
Assistance to individuals 160****
Translations  160****
Drafting of letters, etc. 160****
Authentications, attestations, certification of copies, NemID, certificates of birth and baptism, pin code letters 32****

* For citizens of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine, the visa fee is EUR 35 ($41). Children age 6-11, the visa fee is EUR 35 ($41). When paying the short-stay visa fee online the amount will be deducted in EUR and NOT in USD.

** If you cannot pick-up your passport once the visa/permit has been issued, the passport will be sent to your home or business address - at your own risk - via Federal Express. In this case an additional fee of $25 must be paid with a money order.

***This fee applies if you submitted your original permit application directly to Denmark or Iceland. If you submitted your original application to the Consulate General you do not need to pay an additional fee for your entry permit (D-visa)

**** Hourly rate, price per hour or part thereof. Payment will be charged for at least one hour, and each hour commenced will be charged as a full hour.

Please be advised there are NO REFUNDS.


Further information about Consular Fees can be found below on:


Danish: (please scroll to the bottom of the page for the full list of fees).