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Buying a car in the US

The Danish Representations in the U.S. often receive inquiries from Danes who want to buy a car in the U.S. during their stay in the country.

Many are surprised by the very different rules that exist from state to state.

In some states you can for example not buy a car if you do not have U.S. driver's license, while it in other states is possible, as long as you are over 21 years.

There are also different requirements for the types of ID required to register and get license plates for a car, and often the traveller is not in possession of the required documents.

As the rules vary so significantly from state to state, the representations can unfortunately not help you with guidance in individual cases.

Danes who plan to go to the USA and buy a car are encouraged to examine the rules before you go, for example through Danish travel agencies, local American tourist offices or through each State driver's license offices - known as Departments of Motor Vehicles - commonly abbreviated DMV.

You can also read about the topic and get a list of each State driver's license offices at the U.S. Embassy in Denmark's website: