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Wind Energy Advisory

The Wind Energy Advisory is a specialized group that assists Danish component and service providers with strategic analysis, planning, business development, sales and corporate establishment.


Our Services
We provide a full range of premium professional services for companies that already are active or wish to enter the North American wind energy market.

We focus on strategic development for Danish companies within the on- and offshore business segment. Firstly, this is done by driving growth through the execution of a commonly developed sales strategy. Secondly, we facilitate the market entry process from the planning stages to the establishment of local corporate facilities (incubator or subsidiary services) or a partnership/alliance.

Our Strategic Location
The Wind Energy Advisory is located in Chicago, Illinois; the state being the gateway between the great Midwestern and Northeastern States. The Midwest & the Northeast are the leading regions in North America for manufactured machinery, and they host a broad range of companies in the wind energy industry, ranging from OEMs, service providers to wind asset owners.

The city itself serves as a transportation hub, offering an excellent road net combined with railroads crisscrossing the US. Also, O’Hare International Airport provides easy access to all major US cities, and to overseas destinations, such as daily direct connections to Copenhagen.


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Jeppe Fredslund

Head of WEA

Tel.: +1 (312) 695-8877


James Glennie

Senior Commercial Advisor

Tel.: +1 (312) 785-1165



Nick Jensen

Commercial Advisor

Tel.: +1 (312) 261-6005



Maja Vonsild Jørgensen

Commercial Advisor

Tel.: +1 (312) 705-3817



Mads Brander Ravn

Commercial Assistant

Tel.: +1 (312) 596-3888


Gustav Gregor


Tel.: +1 (312) 705-3812



Katrine Jessen


Tel: +1 (312) 261-6004