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WTA in Chicago


The WTA in Chicago 
The Water Technology Alliance in Chicago has been established with an overall objective to facilitate a dedicated effort in providing Danish solutions within water technology. The WTA is a dedicated team striving to strengthen ties, share knowledge and facilitate collaboration and innovation.

The WTA team in Chicago provides a full range of services to Danish companies and U.S. partners within the North American water and waste water market. To U.S. partners, the team offers in-depth analysis of waste water treatment plants and water treatment facilities, as well as knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices. 

The WTA team also offer the opportunity to participate in workshops with technical presentations at the highest level, plus fact-finding trips to Danish treatment plants and water facilities that demonstrate the future of water and waste water systems. The service offered to Danish companies can take their company from the planning stages of a new market entry to execution of the entry process. A large part of the goal of our work is to start a dialogue with US water and waste water utilities. The WTA team have extensive experience in strategic analysis, partner search,assistance with technical approvals, and, of course, implementing sales efforts and expanding activities.

Our background
Danish water utilities are ahead when it comes to technology, planning and knowhow. The three largest and leading water utilities in Denmark, Aarhus Vand, Vand Center Syd and HOFOR (3V) supply drinking water and handle waste water for approximately 25% of the Danish population. Together, they have established a  strategic collaboration which, among other things, seeks to share knowledge that has been gained through decades of experience in Denmark within the areas of wastewater treatment technology, energy management, storm water operations, and related issues.

All utilities have extensive knowledge with regard to the operation of sustainable waste water treatment facilities. The collaboration includes an international working group, and one of 3V’s main goals is to collaborate with Danish Embassies and Consulates around the world and to station qualified and experienced employees at these locations where seminars geared towards local authorities and facilities are conducted.

In other words, our Danish water expert, stationed at the Danish Consulate in Chicago, is at the disposal of the Danish water and waste water industry.

The WTA Senior Technical Advisor in Chicago

Flemming Bomholt Møller is the WTA team's Senior Technical Advisor in Chicago. Prior to joining the WTA, Flemming Bomholt Møller was Project Manager at Aarhus Vand A/S and an Operator at Aarhus Vand A/S for twelve years. As an Operator, he was in charge of the operation of six waste water treatment plants; both process engineering operations as well as maintenance and personnel management.

Flemming has a wide network of connections within the wastewater treatment industry in Denmark. He is a marine engineer and has since received a Diploma of Technology in maintenance. In addition, Flemming has given courses in the operation of digesters at the Water Center in Silkeborg, Denmark over the past four years. Flemming is now involved in the management of the WTA team in the US, a role in which he is committed to maintaining a close contact with Danish utilities at the forefront of modern waste water treatment technology.

On the US side, he is working at establishing a strong network of professionals through which common goals and results can be achieved; thereby securing the continued success of the WTA.

Contact a WTA Chicago advisor

Jacob Vind 
Head of WTA & Senior Export Advisor
Water Technology Alliance California  
Tel.: +1 (650) 720-2642

Ulrik Hansen Folkmann

Senior Technical Advisor

Tel.: +1 (312) 208-2980