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Energy and Environment

The United States aims to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, increase energy efficiency and decentralize energy production which will generate a wide range of export opportunities for Danish companies.

Denmark’s focus and expertise in energy and environment provides a market advantage for its companies as American related entities recognize Europe as a leader in sustainable development, particularly in Danish companies specialized in wind, water and district heating.

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Framework conditions in the U.S. market

This section is being updated.

Focus areas

TCD energy and its environment team are ready to support and strengthen Danish companies in the USA market for energy, water and environment. Our team consists of consultants with many years of export promotion experience and specialists available with unique know-how in each of our focus sectors. We are spread across five Danish diplomatic missions in the US, which allows us to advise on all aspects of doing business in the US market.

The TCD energy and environment team focuses on the following sectors:

  • Bioenergy
  •  Heating & CHP
  • Green Building
  • Innovation
  • Smart Grid
  • Waste & combustion
  • Water & wastewater
  • Wind energy
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Contact an advisor

Jakob Skaarup Nielsen
Team Leader of Wind Energy Advisory
Tel.: +1 (312) 261-6000

Jacob Vind 

Team Leader of Water Technology Alliance
Tel.: +1 (650) 720-2642

Niels Vilstrup
Team Leader of District Energy Advisory
Tel.: +1 (202) 797-5314


Chris Voell
Team Leader of Waste, Recycling and Biogas Advisory
Tel.: +1 (202) 797-5323