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Oil and Gas

The US market is expected to remain the world's largest oil producer until the early 2030's. The US market for oil and gas produces about 11 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. The industry growth motivates investments in all sectors of the industry.


The Oil & Gas Sales Alliance

The Oil & Gas Sales Alliance is an opportunity for Danish Oil and Gas companies to receive valuable assistance with strategic analysis, business development and operational sales. We do this by supporting up to 4 Danish Oil and Gas companies joining forces with the Trade Council's Senior Trade Advisor to grow your business in the US.

Our Services

The Sales Alliance concept offers affordable access to the US Oil and Gas market with full focus on your products, unlike other potential distributors or partners. Hence, our Senior Trade Advisor gives you the same advantages of hiring your own US-based employee, including extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the American Oil & Gas market but all at a reduced cost.

Contact Information

Paul Richardson

Senior Trade Advisor

Oil & Gas

Tel.: +1 (404) 279-0031