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Industrial Machinery

The Trade Council in Atlanta has the industrial machinery sector as one of its main focus areas.


The USA produces 21 % of the world's overall industrial output. This makes the USA the world's largest manufacturer representing a value of $1.7 trillion and employing approximately 17 million people.

The market therefore holds a lot of opportunities for Danish producers of quality and well-differentiated products as the entry barriers for these products are few. The Americans' decision making processes are short and there is no industrial trade barriers why the American market also is easier to penetrate than any BRIC country.

The American potential within the industrial sector is enormous and if handled correctly, Danish companies can reap the benefits of doing business in the world's largest market.

Atlanta is one of the hubs for the American industry. Approximately 40 % of the North American production and distribution companies are located within a radius of 800 kilometres from Atlanta. The Southeast region of USA is also the new epicentre for the auto industry in USA and from Atlanta you can reach about 86 auto production plants within a 13 hour drive. The Trade Council in Atlanta is therefore placed strategically and logistically well when promoting Danish manufacturers in the USA.

Contact Information

Carsten Rosendahl

Trade Commissioner

Machinery and sub-suppliers

Tel.: +1 (404) 901-4136