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Strategic Food Alliance

The Strategic Food Alliance is an opportunity for Danish Food companies to receive valuable assistance with strategic analysis, business development and operational sales. We do this by supporting 3-5 Danish Food companies joining forces with the Trade Council's Director of Food Export to grow your business in the USA.


The American Food Market
The American retail market is the world's largest and it carries significant opportunities, especially for high quality products. American consumers annually spend USD 1,500 billion on food and beverages, which is equivalent to 15% of total GDP. There is an increasing demand for high quality products and American consumers are in general very open to new and innovative products in the market. Another dominant trend is an increasing interest for organic foods.

Our Services
The Food Alliance concept offers affordable access to the US Food market with full focus on your products, unlike other potential distributors or partners. Hence, our Director of Food Export gives you the same advantages of hiring your own US-based employee, including extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the US Food & Food processing market but all at a reduced cost.

To ensure a smooth and effective market entry, the concept has been divided into four phases:


Our Strategic Location
Atlanta is one of the strong motive forces in the Super South of the US that has developed into an outstanding international trade region over recent years. Furthermore, Atlanta is home to the world's busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, providing easy access to both domestic as well as international destinations. More than 80% of US consumers can be reached from Atlanta in two flight hours or two truckload delivery days.

Contact Information

Kris Studley

Director, Food Export

Tel.: +1 (404) 889-4646