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Commercial Services

Within its specific sectors of interest, the Trade Council in Atlanta provides services within all aspects of an internationalization process.

This includes assistance with the right approvals and import regulations, concept tests of your product in the US market, market surveys, selecting the right sales channels, recruitment of employees and general strategic support as well as hosting companies in our Accelerator Programme.

The Trade Council's Accelerator Programme is considered to be unique as it offers Danish companies an easy setup in the American market. Through the Accelerator Programme Danish companies can set up in USA in a fully equipped office at the Trade Council's facilities. Among other, this includes a personal phone line, access to fax, printer, wireless internet and copier and our professional receptionist will handle phone calls and mail as instructed. Physical presence is vital in the American market and the Accelerator Programme offers a great shortcut!

The Trade Council in Atlanta offers expertise, experience and extensive networks and this allows us to help establish Danish businesses in the US market.

For more information or questions about our services please contact us.


Contact information

Carsten Rosendahl
Trade Commissioner
Machinery and sub-suppliers 
Tel.: +1 (404) 901-4136


Kris Studley
Director, Retail Export
Retail and Food
Tel.: +1 (404) 889-4646


Paul Richardson

Senior Industry Advisor

Oil & Gas

Tel.: +1 (404) 279-0031


Mathias Nielsen

Senior Trade Advisor


Tel.: +1 (404) 358-5768


Ralf Nielsen

Junior Trade Advisor

Tel.: +1 (404) 307-4728


Mette Lynch Haghighat

Office Manager

Tel.: +1 (404) 825-5732


Anne Elholm Steffensen


Tel.: +1 (404) 588-1588


Emil Nørgaard Stub


Tel.: +1 (404) 588-1588