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Orkanen Irma

9.7.2017  22:06

Orkanen IRMA er på vej mod Florida. Orkanen forventes at blive en kategori 5 orkan, som kan skabe store ødelæggelser og være farlig for mennesker. Flyforbindelser og anden transport vil være påvirket af orkanen og forsinkelser og aflysninger kan forventes.

Hvis du er i områder, der er eller forventes at blive påvirket af stormen, så kontakt dine pårørende og lad dem vide, at du er OK for at undgå at de bliver bekymrede.

For opdaterede nyheder fra Udenrigsministeriet, download “Rejseklar” App’en her:

Hurricane Irma

The Embassy and Danish missions in the United States have no role in evacuations or rescue operations as these matters are solely handled by American authorities. We encourage all travellers to follow the local news and heed the advice of the local authorities.

If you have a personal emergency please contact the Consulate General in New York at or 212-223-4545 or the Embassy at or 202-234-4300. If you need assistance outside of regular business hours, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen at or +45 33 92 11 12 (open 24/7). 

For information on how to prepare for Hurricane Irma as it approaches Florida, please see the following websites: - Florida Emergency Mangement website – Contains a list of evacuation shelters, as well as supermarkets and gasoline stations that are operational. People can also register here if they require assistance in evacuating.\ - One can sign up to get Miami-Dade Emergency Alerts. – Link to access the local office of emergency management.


For more general information, please see: - Weather Information – Updated weather reports – National Hurricane Center – Register to facilitate connection with friends and family


We encourage all travellers in the United States to sign up for to receive local emergency alerts. This website also contains useful information on how to prepare for all types of emergencies.

For the most up-to-date news from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please download the “Rejseklar” App to your cell phone:

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