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Danish Water Technology Solutions in High Demand in the U.S.

11.28.2017  22:44

As in many other parts of the world, water scarcity is high in the United States and energy efficient water technologies are in increasing demand, posing great export opportunities for Danish companies to pursue.

For this reason, the Water Technology Alliance (WTA) out of the Trade Council works to assist Danish companies seeking to expand their operations to the U.S. market while contributing to finding a solution to the global water issues.

The partnership between the Trade Council in North America and the Danish companies is unique in the sense that it combines expertise from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This makes up an advantage for the Danish alliance members who get the opportunity to improve the quality of their products through collaboration with WTA at the same time as increasing their U.S. orders.

“The unique thing about Danish water technology is that we through many years have developed a method to be extremely resource efficient. This is due to knowledge built up by companies like Danfoss and Grunfos as well as a strict environmental policy, which imposes taxes on those natural resources that we have to take extra care of, including water. Today, we are facing a situation where Danish water supply is close to being the most efficient in the world. We use a very small amount of energy and the water consumption is low. This is actually less than half of what an American family uses”, says CEO of Aarhus Vand, Lars Schroeder.

Over the next two decades, the United States is expected to make investments in water technology worth $300 billion. At the moment, the U.S. is likely to miss out on reusable water reserves of 3,400 billion liters since they have not been treated due to outdated technologies.

WTA consists of: Nissen Energiteknik, Landia, LINAK A/S, Ramboll, SkyTEM, I-GIS, Kamstrup, Applied Biomimetic, Danfoss, Grunfos, Smith Innovation, DHI, AVK, LiqTech, Leif Koch A/S, Aarhus Vand, the Danish Industry Foundation and the Trade Council North America.

You can read more about WTA's work for Denmark here.