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Danish Defense Medal awarded at NATO-workshop

6.23.2015  20:54

Yesterday, Ambassador Peter Taksøe-Jensen awarded Commander Marcus Jacques of the British Royal Navy the Danish Defense Medal for Meritorious International Service for his role in Operation RECSYR, the operation that removed and destroyed Syria’s chemical weapons in 2013-14.

The medal was awarded on the first day of a NATO-workshop, bringing together the various participants and stakeholders of the operation to share thoughts on which lessons could be learned. After the official program, the Ambassador hosted a dinner in his residence in appreciation of the hard work of that led to the successful mission.



Ambassador Peter Taksøe-Jensen (right) and Commander Marcus Jacques, Royal Navy (left). To the far right: Mr. Henrik Røboe Dam, Major General, Defense Attaché


Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen’s address awarding the Danish Defence Medal for Meritorious International Service to Commander Marcus Jacques, Royal Navy

This is one of these rare occasions, where you can combine pleasure and socializing with a professional outcome. Even more tonight, where a third dimension is coming into action; the honouring of a special person, who have had a remarkable impact on Operation RECSYR. It is my distinct pleasure tonight to be able to award the Danish Defence Medal for Meritorious International Service to such a person.

Commander Marcus Jacques, Royal Navy, please come forward.

Commander Marcus J Jacques has been assigned to the taskforce and the staff from the very beginning of Operation RECSYR where there was still uncertainty about the Danish lead of the mission. Marcus has been the direct liaison to the UK, and together with the staff operations officer, he was responsible for both long term and short term planning.

Marcus has served both at sea and ashore, in the latter case in close cooperation with the Danish NLO for the UN Joint Mission in Cyprus. In this manner Marcus was officially an integral part of CTG 420.01 staff from 9th December 2013 until 15th May 2014.

Marcus has provided priceless support and furthermore he acted as personal advisor for the Flotilla Commander when it came to British support for Operation RECSYR.

Because of this Marcus is considered as one of the most valuable staff members in the CTG-staff,

His persistent focus on mission accomplishment in difficult situations was the prerequisite for the successful for the successful outcome of Operation RECSYR.

It is a great pleasure to give you this medal for your outstanding service to the Danish Navy, Operation RECSYR and to Denmark.

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